Our Philosophy

Our menu focuses on simple preparations of great ingredients, made from scratch whenever possible, with an emphasis on seasonal, local and sustainable products. We support local farmers and producers where-ever we can – fresh pork from 2 Lady Pig Farmers (Waianae), fresh beef from Kulana Beef on the Big Island, local tomatoes from the Big Island, greens of all kinds as well as bananas and lilikoi from the North Shore, mangos, papayas, Lehua honey from Oahu, even local milk from Hawaii Fresh on the Big Island.  Locally grown ingredients taste better, are fresher, and are generally healthier thanfoods flown or shipped to the islands. Where great local choices are not available, we seek out the best in ingredients wherever we find them.  Although we don’t list all the sources of our ingredients on the menu, if interested, feel free to ask. We’re always happy to share!


Coffee + Drinks

We offer a selection of coffees from various roasters. 
Each cup is freshly ground and prepared to order.

Please allow at least 5 minutes for brewing. 

Weekday Breakfast

Monday-Friday // 7am-10:45am

Egg-A-Muffin $6.5
Homemade english muffin, applewood smoked bacon, tomato jam,
over easy Kalei egg, gruyere cheese + baby arugula. 

Breakfast Burrito $8
Scrambled Kalei eggs, potatoes, roasted peppers + onions,
aged Vermont cheddar + our "Meat of the Day" wrapped in a flour tortilla.
 Served w/hot sauce + greens.

Oatmeal Brûlée $5.75
Steel-cut oats seasoned with sweet spices.
Topped with caramelized brown sugar and fresh fruit.

Macaroni + Cheese Pancakes $10
Two pancakes filled with elbow macaroni and aged Vermont cheddar. 
Add applewood smoked bacon +$2

Weekend Brunch

Saturday 7:30am-1pm or LAST CALL! // Sunday 7:30am-12:30pm or LAST CALL!

Oatmeal Brûlée $5.75
Steel-cut oats seasoned with sweet spices. 
Topped with caramelized brown sugar and fresh fruit.

Macaroni + Cheese Pancakes $10
Two pancakes filled with elbow macaroni and aged Vermont cheddar. 
Add applewood smoked bacon +$2

Biscuits + Gravy $12
Homemade buttermilk biscuit, Shinsato Farms pork sausage patty,
over easy Kalei egg, country-style pork gravy. Add applewood smoked bacon +$2
Add sugar-cured bacon and fried rice +$4  (Choice of Kim Chee or Portuguese Sausage)

Skillet Baked Eggs $12  (NO TAKE-OUT)
Two sunny side up (“runny yolk”) Kalei eggs baked over organic baby spinach and leeks. Topped with greek yogurt, lemon juice and chili oil. 
Served with house made toasted bread. Add one egg $2

Fried Rice Omelette $8.5
Scrambled Kalei eggs filled with Portuguese sausage or Kim Chee fried rice. 
Topped with spicy mayo. Half/half $8.75

Eggs on Toast $12.5
Two pieces of toasted house made rustic bread, la quercia prosciutto, gruyere, two sunny side up eggs, baby arugula.

The Bowl $13 (NO TAKE-OUT)
A little bit of everything - Cheddar grits, crispy yukon gold potatoes, onions, garlic, fresh tomato, Swiss chard, La Quercia pancetta, sunny side up egg + tomato gravy.

Breakfast Tacos $12 (NO TAKE-OUT)
Fresh local eggs scrambled in a cast iron casuela w/ yukon gold potatoes, poblano peppers + caramelized onion. Served w/ corn tortillas, queso fresco, pickled red onion + pico de gallo.

Omelette en Casuela $11
Fresh local eggs scrambled in a cast iron casuela with one of the options listed below. Served with a side ofroasted potatoes. 

Ali’i mushrooms, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions
Applewood smoked bacon and aged Vermont cheddar.
Laura Chanel goat cheese and scallions
Joe’s Special Grass-fed Kulana beef, onions, garlic and spinach. $12

Applewood smoked bacon $3.5
Local pork sausage patty $4
Portuguese sausage $3
Roasted potatoes $4
House Toast (Rustic French loaf) $4


Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm // Sunday 11am-12:45pm

Mozzarella (Grilled or Fresh) $10
Mozzarella, baby arugula, basil and tomato.

Salame $9.5
Provolone, baby arugula, tomato and mustard.

Grilled Mortadella $9
Provolone, pepperoncinis and mustard.

Tuna $10
 Albacore tuna salad, scallion aioli, baby arugula and tomato.
Melt it $2 

Grilled Gruyere $7.5
Gruyere cheese and caramelized onions.
Add La Quercia prosciutto or Ali’i mushrooms $2

Portobello $10
Mushrooms, baby arugula, tomato, herbed vinaigrette and spicy mayo.

B.A.T $9.5
Applewood smoked bacon, baby arugula, tomato and spicy mayo.

Italian $12
Selection of cured meats, provolone, baby arugula, tomato, mustard + herbed vinaigrette.

Grilled Ham + Apple $12
Kurabota ham, apple slices, caramelized onions, cheddar and mustard.