Our Philosophy

Our menu focuses on simple preparations of great ingredients, made from scratch whenever possible, with an emphasis on seasonal, local and sustainable products. We support local farmers and producers where-ever we can – fresh pork from 2 Lady Pig Farmers (Waianae), fresh beef from Kulana Beef on the Big Island, local tomatoes from the Big Island, greens of all kinds as well as bananas and lilikoi from the North Shore, mangos, papayas, Lehua honey from Oahu, even local milk from Hawaii Fresh on the Big Island.  Locally grown ingredients taste better, are fresher, and are generally healthier thanfoods flown or shipped to the islands. Where great local choices are not available, we seek out the best in ingredients wherever we find them.  Although we don’t list all the sources of our ingredients on the menu, if interested, feel free to ask.

We’re always happy to share!